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     245 Park Avenue,39th Floor
     New York, NY 10022
     Tel: 212.572.4823
     Fax: 212.572.6499

     Long Island Office
     150 Motor Parkway, Suite 401
     Hauppauge, NY 11788
     Tel: 631.285.7992
     Fax: 631.285.7993

Domestic Investigation & Surveillance

ICORP Investigations specializes in Family Law and Insurance Defense Investigations.  When you need answers regarding Infidelity, Child Custody and Divorce Investigations, let ICORP ‘s team of experienced investigators provide you with the results you need in court and for peace of mind. We know what you need and we know how to get it. There isn’t a better way to document the true facts than with irrefutable video evidence. You can be confident that our determination, diligence and attention to detail will expose what you need to know. Hiring the right licensed private investigator can make all the difference with your case. Hiring the wrong investigative company can cost you considerably more money and setbacks. Choose the experienced team at ICORP Investigations.  Our tenacity and experience result in fast results and savings.

Call us for a FREE CONSULTATION. All matters discussed are confidential.

“ I find these gentleman to be thorough, accurate and discreet. To put it bluntly I wouldn’t want these guys looking for me or at me.”
Joel Mitchell
Retired 34-year veteran Nassau County Police Detective

Spousal Surveillance
One of the hardest realities to face is the possibility of infidelity in a marriage or relationship. Statistics show that 85% of women and 50% of men who feel their lover is cheating is correct. Usually a gut feeling is a strong indication of a cheating lover. These feelings of doubt should not be covered up, but rather revealed. When your mate’s habits, routines and attitudes change without warning, our investigators can help determine if your spouse or partner is having an affair. Put an end to your suspicions by asking yourself these simple questions.

Is your spouse/lover:
     · Taking suspicious business trips?
     · Unknown text messages or phone calls?
     · Deleting all incoming phone calls from the caller ID?
     · Joining a gym and beginning a rigorous workout program?
     · Sudden loss in weight?
     · Different grooming habits?
     · Atypical erratic behavior?

It's never easy to deal with the possibility of a cheating spouse/lover, but we can make the transition easier. Call today for a free consultation.

“I engaged ICORP Investigations for surveillance needed to prove suspected adultery. The two investigators who worked on my case over a weekend period were extremely professional and used state of the art equipment and techniques to produce the evidence I needed very quickly. They did everything possible to keep costs and expenses to a minimum and were in touch by phone and email with updates frequently throughout the surveillance period, following up with a full report and video evidence. In some ways most important of all, they were extremely sympathetic, kind and thoughtful throughout this painful process. By the time it was over, I'd made two new friends. Thank you ICORP Investigations!”
Amanda P.

Child Custody
Dealing with child custody and visitation is one of the most difficult aspects of getting divorced. Family law matters include some of the most important decisions you will ever make. After a divorce or separation, the safety and security of children are a main concern. We can help you find and document the facts that will protect your children’s best interests.

     · Would you like to know what your ex-partner does alone or with your children when you're not around?

     · Is the person working another job or off the books?

“The guys at ICORP helped me get the information I needed for my child custody case. They were there for me every step of the way. I highly recommend them.”
Yasmin A.

Background Checks
ICORP Investigations offers the most comprehensive information and the fastest delivery of background checks available. Our powerhouse data sources offer billions of records, which are updated daily. Coming up short when you use Google? We use the latest search engines that dig up information about a person Google often misses.

     · Want to track down a long-lost friend, or screen a potential date or employee?

     · Need employment results, current job title, whether or not they’re looking for a job?

Types of Backround Checks

Comprehensive Report

• Summary Report

• Bankruptcy

• Liens/Judgments

• UCC Filings

• People at Work

• Phones Plus

• Driver’s Licenses

•  Vehicle Registrations

• Property

•  Watercraft

• FAA Pilots

• FAA Aircraft

• Professional Licenses

• Florida Accidents

• Voter Registration

• Hunting/Fishing Permits

• Concealed Weapons Permits

• Associates

• Relatives (3 Degrees)

• Neighbors

• Criminal Records

• Sexual Offender

Comprehensive Business Reports

• Possible Bankruptcies

• Bankruptcy Docket Sheet

• Bankruptcy Documents
• Possible Liens/Judgements

• Corporate Filings

• Business Registrations

• UCC Filings

• Associated Business

• Assocated People

• Internet Domain Names Registred to Business

• Current and Previous Property Ownership

• Possible Current Motor Vehicles at Address

• Dun & Bradstreet Report

Asset Reports

• Summary Report

• Property Deeds & Assessments

• Vehicle Registrations

• Watercraft

• FAA Pilots

• FAA Aircraft

• UCC Filings

• Court Searches

County-Level Search

• Civil Upper Court

• Civil Lower Court

• Criminal

Federal-Level Search

• Civil

• Criminal (Felony)

State Criminal History Database

* Call us for any searches not mentioned above.


"I always count on Intelli-Corp for accurate information. Undoubtedly, the best in their field."
Joseph De Simpliciis, President
Empire Auto Recovery Inc.