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Private Investigators, Icorp Investigations Announce Latest Radio Interview To Discuss Company Mergers And The Launch Of New Website

Icorp Investigations recently got interviewed by Long Island #1 music station to talk

ICORP Investigations, Inc., a New York based private investigative firm founded by Steven Santarpia and John Egan, ICORP Investigations recently got interviewed by Long Island's #1 music station in an effort to talk about their new services, mergers within the company and the launch of a new website. ICORP Investigations reason for the interview was to gain more exposure In New York City and on Long Island by allowing listeners to access ICORP Investigations information on the radio and online. In the interview ICORP Investigations spoke about all the services they offer to clients & the launch of a new website which tailors to New York clientele. To name a few of theses "services " they offer are Asset Searches, Background Investigations, Domestic Investigations, Expert Witness, Insurance Investigations, missing persons and more. They explained how these services helped their clients and how glad they were to work with them. They also spoke about hiring more Private Investigators in the near future in order to expand the firm so they can service more clients. The new website they launched was another focal point, they explained how it displays all ICORP Investigations services, blogs, company video and testimonials. The new website is also highly optimized for clients who are searching for "Private Investigators in Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. This was done in hopes to reach new clients within those areas. When asked about how the interview turned out. "We are very excited about the interview and hope to reach those who may need investigative services on Long Island and New York City" said Steven Santarpia, Vice President of ICORP Investigations, Inc. "As a young kid growing up on Long Island, I've always listened to this radio station and I'm very excited to be promoting ICORP Investigations on such a widely listened and reputable station."
ICORP Investigations, Inc. Interview can be heard on the radio or on the their new website from the beginning of June till the end of August.

ICORP Investigations Inc. is a full service detective agency providing services like domestic and insurance investigations to businesses, insurance companies, law firms and the general public in New York City, Long Island and beyond. ICORP Investigations, Inc. is committed to excellence and sets a high standard for the investigative industry today. ICORP takes great pride in giving the most personable and hands-on investigative service available to those in need.

"Icorp Investigations Incorporated, New York Private Investigators".



Long Island Private Investigators, ICORP Investigations is Offering Free Consultation on All Private Investigation Services Including Employee Background Checks

ICORP Investigations, a private investigation team, is providing comprehensive background checks for small business owners and large corporations on Long Island and New York City.

Companies who blindly hire employees without conducting a thorough background check, by a professional, can potentially place the safety of their employees - including their own safety - in jeopardy.

Studies have shown that many companies who hire employees without knowing the status of their background run the risk of hiring an potentially dangerous employee with a criminal background. Companies have lost thousands of dollars because of this.

According to the Long Island private investigative team at ICORP Investigations, "If you're a business owner trying to fill a position that involves handling money or sensitive data such as client social security numbers and credit card information, a background check can determine whether or not an potential employee has a criminal record."

Many small business owners sacrifice conducting employee background checks due to the expense involved. When business owners forgo background checks, potential law suits can emerge when an employee with a criminal background threatens the safety of others or steals customer data. The expense from a lawsuit could far exceed the cost of conducting employee criminal checks before hiring an employee.

With ICORP Investigations background check service, small business owners save time and money. Most of all, they receive the same level of quality service as Fortune 500 Companies do when they conduct pre-employment screening.

In addition to Employee Criminal Checks, ICORP Investigations handles a variety of background checks including: Online Dating Background Check, State Background Checks, Public Criminal Check, Employment Criminal Check, Police Criminal Check, County Criminal Check, Online Criminal Check, Marriage Background Check, Background Checks on People and much more.

About ICORP Investigations

Private Investigators John L. Egan and Steven Santarpia founded ICORP Investigations in 2007. ICORP Investigations Inc. is leading private investigative agency in New York City and on Long Island. ICORP Investigations private investigators are trained in surveillance. In addition, they offer the most efficient delivery of background checks in the industry.

ICORP Investigations is dedicated to providing their clients with state-of-the-art private investigation services. The fully licensed, insured and bonded private investigation company is available to work in the entire State of New York including New Jersey 24/7. ICORP offers free consultation to all of their clients.

ICORP Investigations
150 Motor Parkway, Suite 401
Hauppauge, NY 11788
Tel: 631.285.7992
Fax: 631.285.7993

Long Island Private Investigators, Icorp Investigations, Launch New and Improved Website

NYC & Long Island Private Investigators, Icorp Investigations, launch new website to display new services. 

Although there are many books and programs out there to investigate a cheating spouse, Long Island Private Investigators, Icorp Investigations, warn people of investigating on your own. According to NYC Private Investigators, a cheating spouse can cause a lot of heartache and hence the partner involved is not always the best person to investigate. A private investigator on the other hand is a professional. He/she knows what kind of data would help in incriminating a cheating spouse and being a third party, the private investigator will have more of an objective.

Those who want to use evidence to prove a partner's infidelity, a private investigator can serve as a witness and will also add some credibility to the evidence you provide in the court. Not only will the private investigator help in collecting evidence, but he/she will also know what kind of evidence is likely to incriminate and what professional tools are to be used to collect evidence.

The sudden discovery of a cheating spouse or the tell-tale signs of an adulterous partner can cause a lot of emotional strife and if you also have to collect this evidence and fight in a court-of-law, it can prove to be extremely stressful. A private investigator can help by greatly reducing stress. Often people would like to know facts as it helps them in taking decisions and when a relationship is involved people like to give the benefit of doubt till the adultery is proved. This kind of information can only be gathered by a third party.

People who have gathered evidence to seek divorce, one would need some people to testify in court. Spouses are advised not to do it alone. Seeking professional help has multi-fold advantages, firstly somebody is there to guide as to how one should proceed.

A professional will also know how to present evidence, what kind of evidence is required and what would be the legal ramifications of a person's actions. This way a spouse is prepared in advance and saved from any kind of shock that results from the courtroom drama that ensues.

About Nassau County Private Investigators, Icorp Investigations.

Long Island Private Investigators also known as ICORP Investigations has over 3 years of surveillance and private investigation experience. They offer a full-range of private investigation services from spousal to insurance investigations. For further details, Call 866.98.ICORP.

Icorp Investigations
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Holbrook, NY 11741
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